Maggie Zhou


Work Experience

Slack Technologies

Staff Software Engineer, EnterpriseNov 2020 - Oct 2021

  • Built a new authorization service for role based access control in Slack. New service provided more granular controls and allowed permissions to be centralized across Slack's services. Collaborated with product and design to build a flexible, backwards compatible system.
  • Mentored engineers leading their first projects. Onboarded a product engineering team to on-call and use of metrics/observability tools.

Staff Software Engineer, InfrastructureJuly 2017- Nov 2020

  • Datastores technical lead responsible for migration to Vitess [link] and changes to Vitess required for adoption. Migrating from in-house sharded MySQL to Vitess enabled Slack to onboard large enterprise customers and build products like Slack Connect and international data residency. As of July 2021, Vitess stores 2PB of data and serves 2.8M QPS at peak.
  • Took Vitess from proof-of-concept at Slack used for a few specific production workloads to 100% of all database workloads. Led the team while traffic increased 10x over 20 months.
  • Operated as a tech lead of tech leads for rearchitecting messages, files, and novel use cases of Vitess for new products. Chartered and staffed a new tooling-focused team whose work was open-sourced as a Vitess management tool. [link].
  • Go-to partner for product engineers to figure out how to best use Vitess for novel features--high write throughput message analytics data, access from outside of the monolith, and workloads with low latency requirements.
  • Project lead and primary engineer on a cross-functional effort to rearchitect the storage of channel membership and read state. Project is a case study in Refactoring at Scale. [link] Moved the core application from an assumption that all data was sharded by workspace to a more flexible by user / by channel sharding scheme that eliminated hot spots for large Slack customers. Ran a multi-month refactor and zero downtime data migration to the new Vitess-backed and resharded system.
  • Vitess open source committer. Added Prometheus metrics and fixed bugs in integrations and failover workflows.


Senior Software EngineerDec 2013 - July 2017

  • Led a project to migrate customer order data to a new datastore while ensuring high-availability for checkout.
  • Redesigned our database sharding architecture. Reduced a 2 months/year operations task to 1 week/year and stopped maintenance from locking sellers out from Etsy.
  • Member of a web infra team. Smaller projects included: Designed an active cache invalidation system, standardized the DSL of the internal API framework, engineered our metrics collection to be resilient to traffic spikes.
  • Member of the Architecture Review Working group, responsible for steering Etsy's collective technical decision making, with an emphasis on continuous learning.

GoogleAug 2011 - June 2013

Software Engineer, Commerce

  • Full stack (JavaScript/Java/map reduce/on-call) web development for new product launch.
Recent Talks and Publications

Recurse CenterSummer 2013, Winter 2021

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2007 - 2011

B.S. with Honors in Computer Science